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Last updated 11/18/04


I wanted to drop you a note and let you know what a great time KNOW had this weekend at Camp Webb. Gary and Sue along with the rest of the camp staff did everything possible to help make this a successful Banquet for our group.

Doc Webb had dinner with us on Saturday night and we were grateful to have him on hand. Although he still looks very weak, he enjoyed his spot at a table surrounded by KNOW women, he was the only man in a group of 12 at his table...

The weather could not have been better, the meals were spectacular and the environment gave everyone an opportunity to spend good quality time with family and friends. We fished, canoed, kayaked, hiked, ate and ate and ate, and of course shot and shot and shot.

The shooting sports included archery, pistol, shotgun and muzzleloaders. We had shooters from 3 to 60 years old. And everyone was right on target including the 3 year old with some advantage of balloons and bird shot. The excitement in his voice and smiles in hitting his target successfully was all I needed to complete my weekend.

Gary and Sue even donated a painted gourd and one of Gary's painted saw blades for our auction Saturday night. He is such a talented man, KDFWR should be proud.

It turned out to be a great fund raising event for KNOW to continue with our outdoor activities/events, provide scholastic scholarships and help sponsor BOW participants. vThank you again and please contact KNOW if there is anything that we can do for you.

Beth Minch
KNOW Chairwoman

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This history was written by Joan Garrison. Joan is one of the original KNOW board members.

Where to begin....

Once upon a time, almost ten years ago, in January of l995, I decided to attend a weekend event at Kentucky Dam Village advertised on KET for women called B.O.W. (Becoming Outdoor Women). I thought this sounded like a nice thing to do and I personally needed to have a weekend alone. I packed my Bible, all the warm clothes I could find, and the kitchen sink and journeyed to the Western part of the state. I had never been in this area and found it very beautiful. It was sooo cooolllld that weekend. I think 10 degrees was one of the high days. Kentucky Lake looked like the ocean to me.

I had requested a room by myself because I didn't know anyone there, and I needed the quite time. Was I in for a treat! It wasn't a quiet time. It was a very busy and exciting weekend. I met some wonderful first time friends Karen ( a nurse anethetist) and Rebekah ( a Mary Kaye Salesperson). They were delightful new friends and I met a lot of people that weekend. I have many of these people in my life still today.

Our fearless leader and the coordinator of this program, Barbara Pulliam, was in the meeting room directing people and answering lots of questions. I knew that this was going to be an adventure just by looking at the buzz of ladies around the room. You could feel Barbara was the center and our base.

Some of the classes I took that weekend were the Introduction to firearms, Dutch Oven Cooking, Beginning Shotgun, and Introduction to Muzzel loading.

This was such a wonderful experience, I decided to try to save my money and attend the next workshop in the fall.

One thing led to another. I attended another BOW, and another BOW, etc. I think I had taken all the classes, but was determined to try to keep going and to use my new skills to bond with my son, Josh, and teach him to love the outdoors. Josh was about 7 years old and as a single mom, I wanted him to know how to hunt, fish, and take care of himself in the woods. I had grown up fishing and a tomboy and always love the outdoors. I think all children need to be exposed to the outdoors and activities.

One day, I got a letter from Barbara Pulliam and Tom Bennett inviting me to a meeting in Frankfort. They wanted opinions on how to further activities from the BOW events. They were gathering ladies together that had were their repeat attenders (Not repeat offenders. .ha! ha!).

From that meeting,Barbara Pulliam, Linda Saunders, Scarlett Hawthorne, Scotty Clenney, Wanda Land, and myself began the task of forming a club for doing things beyond what we had learned and to follow up with activities to do as a group. Our goal was to somehow improve our newly acquired skills, and find people to do activities with.

We began a series of meetings, and became the board of directors for this new organization. This was not an easy task, writing rules, by-laws, and deciding on a name of this new organization. Well, the first name we came up with Kentucky Outdoor Women spelled KOW (but cow) was not what we wanted to be called (tee! hee!!) We finally decided to add the word Network. Thus K.N.O.W. (the Kentucky Network of Outdoor Women) was born.

The events began. There were events happening all of the the state. We had family turkey hunts, fishing get togethers, tickeling and noodleing for fish, dove and quail shoots, coon hunting, duck hunting, hiking, backpacking and camping just to name some of the events. Some events were only the K.N.O.W. ladies and guests. Others events were family activities some for children or spouses. Regardless K.N.O.W has grown to an organization that has become truly phenominal.

Little did I know, that the formation of K.N.O.W. and B.O.W. would litteraly change my life. God always knows what is best for us..and I truly believe he puts people in our paths for purposes. Sometimes we ignore and go on our direction we choose, but this new direction was guiding me to a new journey, and a delightful beginning of lifelong relationships.

I have grown as a person so much. As a result of K.N.O.W, the bond I have with my children, particularly my son and our hunting adventures, will connect us forever. He and I hunt turkey and deer together. I know I stressed him sometimes, by making too much noise in the treestand, but I hope he will recall and enjoy the memories we have made together. He is sixteen and not having to sit in his mother's treestand anymore. He is quite the hunter and has killed several deer at this time.

If, a few years ago, you would have told me that I would hunt black bears in Maine and Quebec, hunt wild boar in the swamps of Florida, hunt deer, and my favorite, TURKEY,.. I would have laughed at you and called you a mental case.

The bond that was formed by these women and our families are forever. To me these ladies are like sisters. These are my "Ya Ya Sisters in the Wood" (you know like YaYa Sisterhood)...Okay.. I thought it was funny...tee hee.

God has put so many of you in my path. We have laughed, learned, traveled, and sometimes cried together.

K.N.O.W. is knowing you have friends with common interest. K.N.O.W. friends will be there in the good and the bad times. They are your lifelong extended families, and these lifelong friendships, I pray will always hold true. They are my friends, my sisters, and my family forever.

To all you ladies (and gentlemen too)...I will always keep you in my heart. You are the best...


B Beautiful both inside and out...
E Exciting and enthusiastic encouraging to try new adventures
S Strong, Sucessful women, Soaring with eagles,
T Timeless and Trustworthy lifelong friends.!!!

I love you all dearly !!

God bless you all!!

Former K.N.O.W Chair and forever your Friend

P.S. I need to close because it is shotgun turkey season and I must leave work early to get to the woods..wish me luck!!

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